This Cat-Folk is not just any Cat. She is also a thief!



Name: Akeyra

Class: Rogue (Thief)

Level: 1

Player Name: Moira

Alignment: LN

Experience: 0

Race: Rakshasa

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 19

Constitution: 13

Intelligence: 12

Wisdom: 9

Charisma: 14
Armor Class: 7

Hit Points: 10

Speed: 30

Temporary Hit Points: 0
Personality Traits: I always remain calm

Ideals: I don’t steal from others in my trade

Bonds/Allies: Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.

Flaws: I have a “tell” that reveals when I’m lying.
Age: 22

Height: 5’ 2

Weight: 130

Hair: (Beige)

Skin: (Fur)

Eyes: Blue
Grew up on streets of desert cities, began stealing when young. Now wanders as a thief, assassin or mercenary for higher.


In a busy little village within the continent of Izon, Rakshasa talked among each other, looking at others’ goods for sale in the market place, big smiles on the merchants faces as they boasted about their plentiful spices galore. Lurking above buildings structured out of thick sand and rock crouched a small figure. She stealthily hung off one of the tents, cutting a hole into it. Jackpot! A whole table of fish stood there before Akeyra. The young kit was and always will be the biggest trouble maker in the whole village. Everyone kept a sharp out for the mischievous young cat. Her eyes darted around to see if anyone had witnessed her attempt before slowly reaching her little paw inside to grab the slippery breakfast. Aha! Her claws latched onto one. Swiftly putting it in her mouth, she suddenly perked her ears to a hollering voice, " Akeyra, get back here with that trout!" Shoot! Her heart raced, and with that she quickly scurried back up the wall and made a b-line toward her little hide out she called home. Thus, she had no one to go home too.. But she has made a living by, you guessed it, swiping anything she can get her claws on. And up until she had grown to an adult, Akeyra has made it on her own. Maybe it hadn’t been the best choice to steal, she had grown accustom to it. Akeyra’s parents, unfortunately, had gotten themselves into a horrible accident, and were never heard of again. Thus, leaving little Akeyra on her own. No one had ever told her that they had passed, and she just assumed they forgotten about her up until now. Humble Rakshasa of her home village offered her to stay with them, but she was rebellious and dependent enough to turn her head from the generous offers. Continuously they still tried to help her, but soon gave up. Akeyra was in her own little thief world. And she loved it. She cared little of what others thought of this behavior. Now she travels vast distances to different cities, getting riches and treasures alike with her pick pocketing and thievery. She also gets little jobs here and there to assassinate or steal from a poor unfortunate soul. The little thrill seeker will do anything for a good adrenaline rush.


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