Uthal Katho-Aolavi

He's big! He's slow! He's hard hitting! God's Damn he must be a Goliath!



Name: Uthal Katho-Aolavi

Class: Fighter

Level: 1

Player Name: Davey

Alignment: LN

Experience: 0

Race: Goliath

Strength: 18

Dexterity: 14

Constitution: 16

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 11

Charisma: 9
Armor Class: 18

Hit Points: 13

Speed: 20

Temporary Hit Points: 0
Personality Traits:
1000 yard stare.
Full of tales from past.

Ideals: Obey authorities.

Bonds/Allies: Those who fight beside me are worth dying for.

Flaws: Little respect for non-warriors.
Age: 22

Height: 7’ 5

Weight: 310

Hair: Markings

Skin: Pale

Eyes: White

Nickname: Lone Hunter

8 GP
Long Sword
Light crossbow
Bolt (20)
Mess kit
Torch (10)
Food (10)
Water (1)
Rope (50)
Sgt. Insig.
Broken orc blade
Deck of Cards
Clothes (common)
Chain mail


Uthal was born with a sword and shield in his hands. he loved nothing more then the heat of battle and the feel of his sword and shield by his side. The tribe chieftan bestowed upon him lonehunter, for later in his life he will live a secluded life devoid of friendship or companionship. But he was forwarned that later he will meet companions that he will lay his life down for.
When Uthal turned 20, he was tasked by the tribe to explore and see the downlanders lands and report back with what he has found and learned from them within 10 years. When he ventured down the mountain though, he was caught in a heavy storm that sent him off his intended path. Struggling to find shelter he came upon an army camp that was lit up with a bonfire in the distance. He was greeted with confusion and caution. But when the general left his tent to investigate, he saw a young goliath full of potential for a great soldier. From then on, Uthal was indebted to the army that saved his life from the storm that almost killed him. For one whole year he trained and blazed through the ranks of the army becoming a force to be reckoned with.
Until the one fateful day came. The army was marching to their next big battle when suddenly an undead woman erupted from the ground and froze the entire army in place. Her robes and emblem she wore on her chest were similar to that of the armies. Strangely though, Uthal was not frozen like the rest.
“You did not meet your end of the deal general!” Her voice swept through the army and all the men trembled. She is known as Deep Duerra, Princess of Conquest. Uthal not fully grasping then situation, with all his strength and rushed the woman brandishing his blade ready to strike. He was greeted with the back of her hand and Uthal flew into a nearby rock knocking him unconscious.
When he awoke the army that once stood before him was reduced to nothing but skeletons and armor. Uthal was confused, uncertain of what happened. When he finally gathered his thoughts he returned to the city. When asked what happened he could only say “Decimation.”
A year has passed now, and Uthal has not stopped training. With the memory of his fellow soldiers, he vows never to let another companion or friend to die again.

Uthal Katho-Aolavi

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